Psychological Counselling & Coaching in Hamburg 


Life holds  a lot in store for you. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that it is hard to work out a solution by yourself. We therefore offer in our consultations a safe space in which these issues can be addressed and solved. We want to support you in overcoming problems and growing from them, in making decisions and gaining new perspectives and experiences. In doing so, we take a systemic, scientifically sound and solution-oriented approach. Our work is characterized by curiosity, openness and appreciation. 


We are looking forward to accompanying you on your  personal way. 


- Janina Witte & Ronja Pflügelbauer - 

Systemische Beratung und Coaching in Hamburg

Wer wir sind

Wir sind systemische Beraterinnen, Psychologiestudierende...

Was wir machen

Wir bieten sowohl Beratung & Coaching für Einzelpersonen, als auch für Paare und Familien an.

Wie Sie uns erreichen

Schreiben Sie uns gerne eine E-Mail.

Who we are

We are counsellors and coaches, psychology students....

What we offer

We offer counselling and coaching for individual persons, couples and families.

How to contact us

If you are interested in counselling or coaching, please send us an e-mail.

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